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Chinese Herbal Medicine


Chinese herbal medicine is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The majority of Chinese herbal medicines are plant-based, but some preparations contain minerals or animal products (at Ola Wellness we don't use any animal products).


Formulas can be supplied in raw form, powders, tinctures, or pills, depending on the herb and its intended use. 


Herbs can have the same effect on the body as pharmaceutical drugs and should be treated with the same caution and respect. Only take under practitioner supervision and guidance.



Chinese medicine is distinguished by its personalised treatment and emphasis on addressing the underlying cause of the problem rather than simply masking the symptoms. 


To properly prescribe a formula, the practitioner's diagnosis must take into account the patient's constitution, symptoms, pulse, and tongue. 


In Chinese medicine, the same disease (diagnosed in Western medicine) can be approached with different treatment plans and medications, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We customise our treatments based on the person's symptoms and the state of internal organs as determined by Chinese medicine principles. For this reason, it is never recommended to share your medication with anyone else, even if you both have the same condition, what is good for you may not be suitable for anyone else.




This depends on the condition being treated; some herbal formulas are to be taken for a week, while others should be taken over a longer period of time, similar to how you would take a multivitamin. 


At the same time, the effectiveness varies according to the type of herbs used, with raw herbs being more potent than pills, you may need to take your raw herbal formula for a shorter time.




In Australia, all manufactured Chinese medicine is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

We use raw herbs, as well as pills, granules, and tinctures. 


At Ola Wellness we offer certified organic and AAA grade raw herbs. We source our herbs from our partners at Empirical Health who ensure all the herbs undergo a rigorous Three Tier testing process. Their premium quality herbs are tested for over 400 pesticides and heavy metals to comply with Australian standards.


When prescribed and guided by a professional Chinese medicine herbalist, herbal formulas can be a powerful and effective medicine. To ensure your safety we do not recommend to self-medicate and buy Chinese herbal products available online on international websites, as they may not be manufactured to Australian standards.


Never stop taking your regular medication or change the dose without first consulting with and getting approval from your doctor.




We are committed to sustainable practice and use herbs that are source ethically, are not endangered species and we do not use animal products (which are common in Chinese medicine herbal practice).

For more information about Chinese herbal medicine from a reputable government source please go to

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