Online Herbal Consultations


During these uncertain times, is more important than ever to look after your health. Whether you have been experiencing anxiety, sleep disturbances, stress, or perhaps you have a pre existing condition that needs attention; now is the best time to treat your symptoms from the core of the issue. 

An online treatment involves an in-depth consultation, we will talk in detail about your symptoms, and any related condition that accompanies it.  Your tongue is checked as a form of diagnosis, as in Chinese medicine the tongue is a map to the state of your internal organs.

A care package will be sent to you and this may include; A herbal formula prescribed uniquely to you, diet and lifestyle advise according to your condition, acupuncture tags, or a moxa stick. All with clear instructions on how to use them. 


If appropriate, we will incorporate breathing techniques, simple yoga moves and meditation techniques. 

Initial Online Consult - 45 min


Follow up consult - 30 min



Herbal formula

From $16 - $40 per week (we work with raw herbs, granules or tinctures)

To book call us on 0412 414 194 and we can organise a video call via WhatsApp, Telehealth, Skype or Zoom.